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Dancing on the Edge

Mon Feb 18, 9-10pm, BBC2

Episode four
‘The age of the magazine.’ Remember that? Masterson (John Goodman) proclaims his desire to be at the heart of it as Stephen Poliakoff’s sumptuous drama meanders towards next week’s conclusion. This means good news for media-savvy Stanley and Sarah, but bad news for Louis and his bid to solve Jessie’s murder: while his strongest supporters get distracted by newer, shinier playthings, the case becomes more of an irritation than a crusade for most and the police make their move. Power corrupts, certainly, but money and ambition are never far behind.

But the more the mood has darkened, the more ponderous the handling has become. The performances alone make it worth hanging on for the denouement, but it’s a shame that the series isn’t quite living up to its early promise.