Horizon: The Creative Brain

Thur Mar 14, 9-10pm, BBC2

When Archimedes allegedly had his famous ‘Eureka!’ moment in the bath, it’s fair to say that he had no idea about the brain processes which led to his ingenious solution. But thanks to a group of scientists working in various areas of the field, such moments of sudden insight may eventually be fully understood.

Hard to measure and difficult to isolate, flashes of inspiration are rare and fleeting, but science is beginning to understand creativity in new, fascinating ways. Whether it’s insight, the improvisation of jazz musicians, divergent thinking or just a brainteaser, this comprehensive look at human creativity is thorough and rarely less than engrossing. The tips for improving your creativity are handy (if mostly obvious), while solving any of the brainteasers will leave you feeling smug for the rest of the evening.