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Mr Selfridge
Patrick Redmond

Mr Selfridge

Sun Feb 10, 9-10pm, ITV

By Phil Harrison
Series one, episode six
Harry Selfridge is in a coma. Fittingly, however, it’s the most melodramatic, over-demonstrative TV coma we’ve ever seen. Jeremy Piven’s Harry has cast a long shadow over this series, so his indisposition is a blessing in disguise; this week, more understated talents among the cast (Aisling Loftus, Gregory Fitoussi) move centre stage. With Harry out of the way, expect a very low-key power struggle between Messrs Crabbe and Grove for temporary store status.

Elsewhere, Agnes and Henri have a rather sweet heart-to-heart – a slowburning relationship to watch. Before long, however, normal service is resumed – a large suffragette march and a sudden improvement in Harry’s condition pave the way for a climactic double whammy, a perfect storm of cheese. Still walking a line between endearingly daft and just plain daft, but ‘Mr Selfridge’ continues to slip down easily.

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