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The Syndicate

Tue Mar 19, 9-10pm, BBC1

Series two, episode one
It may feature an entirely new cast, a completely different workplace, another syndicate and a sparkly new Lottery win, but the second series of ‘The Syndicate’ is very much more of the same. Featuring the should-they-win-any-money-or-not? character as well as overlapping with the first series in several other very obvious ways, it’s hardly a refreshing approach to the brief. It wants for subtlety too, with broadly drawn characters and a host of unlikely scenarios thrown into the mix.

The lack of verisimilitude, over-reliance on contrived plot devices and the fact that it feels like it’s all been done before makes this second series opener feel slightly stale. It’s still enjoyable at points and the idea of the curse of sudden wealth is interesting in itself – but would winning millions of pounds really be quite as miserable as this?