World Without End

Sat Jan 26, 9-10pm, C4

Series one, episode three
‘What a charming town,’ reckons Edward III (Blake Ritson), trotting blithely into Kingsbridge for reinforcements in his war against the dastardly French. Well, yes and no – but mostly no. After all, tonight’s antics include fraud, fratricide, yet more rape and, if we’re not very much mistaken, early signs that the Black Death may be paying a visit. Shades of grey are now distant memories when it comes to the characterisation in this rollicking Ken Follett adaptation: no purgatory for any of this lot, it’s straight to heaven or hell. And first in line for the latter is Godwyn, plotting to reclaim funds earmarked for a hospice by the imperious Mother Cecilia. Back in the world of the laity, Ralph and Merthin come to blows again and a cornered Caris takes the only escape route left to her. Utterly daft, but a decent enough option for ‘Borgen’ naysayers.