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Mon Apr 22, 9-10.05pm, ITV

By Gabriel Tate
Series one, episode eight
So, we know it's not Nige. It can't be, can it? Too obvious for a show as devious as 'Broadchurch'. We reckon he might be hanging around with kids while suffering from some sort of regression to childhood after his own torrid upbringing. And he's still too nice to shoot a dog through the eyes with a crossbow, so you can say that for him. As for Arthur Darvill's vicar, he clearly has a few secrets left, but not that one, we think.

We still suspect Joe Miller, husband of Olivia Colman's copper. He's been a little under-drawn over the course of the series, but there would be plenty of dramatic irony in Ellie attacking Susan Wright (Pauline Quirke, excelling in the last episode's confessional monologue) for not noticing what was happening under her own roof.

What has been beyond a reasonable doubt, however, is the quality of this excellent series: a critical and popular hit, wonderfully cast, smartly shot and plotted with enough chutzpah to smooth over the occasional implausibility. Proof, at last, that British TV really can give Nordic Noir a run for its kroners.

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