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Citizen Khan

Fri Dec 20, 8.30-9pm, BBC1

Series two, episode seven
For all the criticism levelled at its representation of Muslims, it’s the dearth of funny, well-written jokes that really plagues ‘Citizen Khan’. In this Christmas special, Mrs Khan decides that the family should have a traditional family do, and sends her Scrooge-like husband off to find a tree and some decorations for the occasion. Mr Khan (Adil Ray) reluctantly obliges, and a series of comic mishaps ensues.

The slapstick humour is arbitrary and predictable and almost every one-liner painfully contrived. Mr Khan himself is relatively compelling as a mickey-taking buffoon, but the supporting cast are bland, one-note characters who fare badly without Ray’s on-screen presence. The episode does have some heart and there is something resembling a pay-off, but don’t expect this mediocre offering to split any sides.