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Confessions of an Alien Abductee

Thu Jun 13, 9-10pm, C4

About four times a year, and rather to the chagrin of his wife, Simon has sex with an alien being he calls the Cat Queen. Marie suspects her DNA has been altered during an alien abduction. And Chantelle has been taken by ETs on thousands of occasions, often while chowing down on a KFC meal.

Thank goodness for the snappily named Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline, logging their encounters and providing some support. It would be very easy to make fun of this trio, three of the thousand Brits who claim to be abucted by aliens every year. But – although some laughs are as unavoidable as they are big – Guy Gilbert’s doc wisely steers clear of this easy option, especially when it becomes apparent that their claims may be rooted in some deep personal trauma.

Is there life on Mars? We’re no nearer knowing after watching ‘Confessions…’, but as a low-key character study of British eccentricity (somehow, the idea of the same show being made in America is deeply unedifying) it has real charm and integrity. If they’re not hurting anyone and if it gives them comfort, good luck to them.



Hi Derek A Jones thankyou so much for your kind words hope all is well.be nice to chat to you sometime about your experiences yes Derek I will be talking about my experiences again soon im filming my own documentary and will be putting it on my you tube channel and blogger you take care...

Derek A Jones

Being an experiencer myself, I was dismayed with the chantelle documentary - and of course, the problem was the Ch4 production. When will we ever have serious TV coverage? I have seen further camera and radio recorded interviews with Chantelle, and found then superb. I especially found the March 24th 1997 incident in Shefield fascinating, as I live quite close to the area - I also was having experiences around this time. God bless you Chantelle, and hope to see more of you soon!


my comments keep getting removed or disappering...james my son does work and my husband is in full time work.and im a housewife


To james my son does work he as a job.and my husband is in full time work.and im a housewife.


To james my son does work he as a job..and my husband works full time..and im a housewife.


Chantelle & her son sit at home with the latest smart phones, bookcases overflowing with Blu Ray discs & Boxsets eating expensive takeaway & smoking like a chimney yet neither work. She says she keeps her son at home even though he's 24. Wants the abductions to stop yet then admits actually she doesn't because she'd miss them & she'd rather be with them. Belatedly adding the only thing she'd miss is her son. Sounds like a nice life funded by us taxpayers. Both look fit enough for work. Simon obviously developed a copping mechanism with his deficient alcoholic mother by finding comfort in an imaginary world.

Ann Andrews

This phenomenon is very real. It happens to more people than we know. Yet our social upbringing forces us to accept that such things can't happen. Why? If people in general were more accepting that this is real and happening to thousands across the globe, then experiencers wouldn't have to hide; be careful what they say or, indeed, who they talk to. I have lost so many 'good' friends in the past by speaking out about this subject; but then, they couldn't have been real friends to start with if they were that shallow, could they? When people like Paul Hellyer (ex defence secretary of Canada) is speaking out about this subject and even the Vatican accepts that life elsewhere is more than a possibility, then perhaps the last laugh will be on the masses who refuse to accept that we are not alone in this vast Universe!


First of all this documentary must have been made by junior school students did they get detention for not doing their home work? Some of Britains abductcees are living a secret life due to the shameful behavior and attitude of the British pubic. Why is it so funny that people are having these experiences? Some of them suffer very badly because of their abductions and yes some even think about taking their own life's because of it...Go on have a laugh now be another cause to make these peoples life's even harder to live...And guess what there are reports from Britains so called up standing citizens such has Doctors, Police Offers, Military personal and more. Yes! people that you trust with your life's and safety....Oh by the way Chantelle you've started a new hair trend the young ladies are loving your hair style congrats..


This was meant to be a serious documentary and I have provided plenty of evidence as to what I am saying over a long period of time. This was deliberatly falsified by the production company who blatanntly led us to believe it was a serious film. The have edited all the evidence out and made us look complete and utter loonies. Shame on them and shame of those for suppressing this information. This is really happening, get used to it