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Sun Jul 7, 9-10.10pm, Fox

Series eight, episode one
When it comes to getting away with murder, our favourite doughnut-providing serial killer has done a pretty good job so far. But following Debs’ implicit involvement in Dexter’s crimes and her subsequent murder of police captain Maria LaGuerta, surely the noose is finally beginning to tighten. Given the Lady Macbeth levels of guilt and the relentless manhunt which will inevitably follow, this promises to be a tense and gripping final season, irrespective of the eventual outcome.

It may have dipped from its heady season four heights, but Dexter has still steered well clear of shark-jumping territory, thanks in no small part to Jennifer Carpenter’s superb performance as Dexter’s foul-mouthed foster sister and reluctant partner in crime. Deflecting suspicion and simultaneously protecting her may even be beyond Dexter’s resourcefulness, intellect and sense of self-preservation, but it’ll be nerve-shreddingly exciting to see him try.