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Thu Nov 7, 9-10pm, Sky Living

Series one, episode two
Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn’t, as yet, one of the more voracious TV vampires we’ve seen. Most of the time, he’s a polite if rather self-contained young man whose talents seem to have developed along business and sensual lines. So can a post-‘Twilight’, post-‘True Blood’ ‘Dracula’ allow itself to go down the less-is-more route?

That depends on how involved we feel in the doings of the ensemble as a whole. And while this is palatable enough, we can’t help feeling that it needs an infusion of grit and guts if it’s really going to grab us. Tonight, Grayson makes Harker an offer he’s struggling to refuse and Laurent one that he can. Slickly watchable for now, but something needs to happen soon.