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Thu Nov 7, 9.30-10pm, E4

Series one, episode three
If you’re just dipping into this new E4 sitcom, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d slipped into a parallel universe where people can be only one of three things – stupid, lazy or away with the fairies.

Welcome to the world of ‘Drifters’. Newly graduated and just back from traipsing India – as all stereotypical students are wont to do, of course – twentysomethings Meg and Bunny, plus best friend Laura, are struggling to move out of their parents’ houses and escape a dull working life. But it’s unsurprising, considering that during this third episode alone Bunny simply mopes around, failing to cope with single life, Meg is half-heartedly applying (and lying) for jobs and Laura can’t get past the fact that her boyfriend Gary dream-cheated on her.

The characters are unbelievable, a fact emphasised by the flimsy storyline and a serious lack of witticisms for a so-called comedy. It’s hard to accept there’s a place where the inhabitants resemble ‘Drifters’ but, if there is, it’s not one that should be used for entertainment purposes. Ever.



It was depressingly bad.