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Imagine: Jimi Hendrix: Hear my Train a Comin’

Tue Oct 29, 10.35pm-12.05am, BBC1

If you wanted your amp humped, guitar burnt or mind blown in the late ‘60s, Jimi Hendrix was the only man for the job – and he could do them all at the same time. Among the many treasures of this pretty straightforward biographical documentary are the reaction shots of the crowd, watching someone do things no one had ever done before. And, as a testament to his musical genius, ‘Hear My Train A Comin’’ does an admirable job, allowing friends and experts to pay tribute when the music isn’t left to do the talking.

But Hendrix, the man apparently remains a mystery even to those who knew him, and his womanising and self-destructive tendencies are merely alluded to. Proof that an officially sanctioned treatment – in this case by the Hendrix estate – can be a truly mixed blessing.