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Wed May 8, 10-10.55pm, 5USA

Series four, episode one
Is there a more unflappable TV character around right now than Marshal Raylan Givens? Tonight’s fourth series opener sees Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) have guns pulled on him, boobs flashed at him and barefaced lies delivered to him by his dear old dad. Yet Raylan remains entirely unfazed, even when he reluctantly acquires a goofy new partner. In fact, ‘Justified’ has always prided itself on taking things slowly.

Tonight, Raylan takes on a side order of bounty hunting, while conducting a languorous interrogation of his pa about the owner of a bag hidden in his house – one Waldo Truth. The ever-troublesome Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins), meanwhile, faces up to the threat posed to his empire by a new preacher in town. Sex, drugs and the Almighty: a potent cocktail as flammable as it is tasty. This one looks like another series to savour.



Having already seen it in the USA, it is a season to be savored. (It's spelled differently over here.) If you've enjoyed the first three seasons, you won't be disappointed with the fourth.