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Les Dawson: An Audience With That Never Was

Sat June 1, 8.30-9.30pm, ITV

We’ve always assumed that, since entering the kingdom of heaven, Les Dawson and Tupac Shakur have become firm friends. But now they have even more in common than they already did. Tupac famously performed, in hologram form, at the 2012 Coachella Festival.

We suspect that a hologrammatic representation of Les Dawson will never be asked to headline a major music festival. But that doesn’t mean that the technology can’t be applied to the nation’s foremost purveyor of mother-in-law jokes. Les was booked to appear on ‘An Audience with…’ back in 1993. Sadly, he passed away just weeks before recording.

But that hasn’t stopped the wilder creative brains at ITV from coming up with this utterly barmy scheme which will see a Dawson hologram bantering with stars including Bruce Forsyth, Cilla Black and Terry Wogan. We are not making this up. To our intense disappointment, no previews were available. But this surely has every chance of being 2013’s strangest hour of television.



Loved the show, seemed a bit weird watching les as a hologram, but just remember the faces of the audience at the end, you could see their love for les in all their faces!!