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Low Winter Sun

Fri Sep 13, 10-11pm, Fox

Series one, episode five
Given that this AMC series originated as a two-part Scottish thriller, perhaps the relentless dourness of ‘Low Winter Sun’ should come as no surprise. But this much brooding can get exhausting. As we reach the halfway point, we find Geddes and Agnew attempting to muddy the waters and finesse their perfect crime, while Damon’s rise to power hits a serious setback.

These parallel storylines of cover-up and power play aren’t quite gripping enough in isolation: Mark Strong, Lennie James and James Ransone are fine performers who could strike real sparks if they were brought together. But the evidence so far suggests that ‘Low Winter Sun’ will take the long, slow route to collision – not all of the legacies left by ‘The Wire’ were positive.