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Pop! The Science of Bubbles

Pop! The Science of Bubbles

Tue Apr 9, 9-10pm, BBC4

By Claire Winter
Bubbles. There’s a lot more to them, claims ‘Bubble Physicist’ Dr Helen Czerski, than merely soap and air. We are given a bubble-based explanation to our solar system within the opening minutes. We also learn that the soapy spheres are rather lovely when seen in close up and slow motion, giving us an almost constant visual treat alongside anecdotes on surface tension and molecular chemistry.

Don’t let the exclamation point in the title fool you into thinking this will be fun. If physics is your cup of tea, you’ll likely find a wealth of information in this rather specific area of bubble science; however, if, like us, you spend much of the hour waiting impatiently for the answer to that important question – whether smaller bubbles do indeed equal smoother-tasting beer – you’ll probably be better off looking to the bottom of your pint glass for your entertainment and education this evening.

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