Quitting the English Defence League: When Tommy Met Mo

Mon Oct 28, 10.35-11.20pm, BBC1

The jury’s still out on Tommy Robinson’s decision to leave the English Defence League. Is it a cynical piece of political sleight-of-hand, designed to make New Tommy appear more credible in comparison with his bile-spewing, knuckle-dragging former self? Or is it a genuine route-marker on the road to Damascus – an indication that he’s renounced his former views? It’ll take a while for people who’ve been alarmed by his rhetoric in the past to truly trust his new, more constructive persona.

But, while no preview material was available for this film, it might prove fairly telling. It documents his relationship with Mo Ansar, a Muslim who campaigned for the banning of the EDL. The pair agreed to explore each other’s view of British Islam, a project which involved Robinson visiting a Mosque and Ansar attending an EDL street protest. Presumably no definitive answers yet on Robinson’s sincerity. But hopefully, quite a few clues.