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Skins Fire

Mon Jul 8, 10-11pm, E4

Jake (Kayvan Novak) isn’t much cop at reading stock markets or people: when numbers take a dive, he starts applying pressure on Effy to work her dubious magic. The Effy whose meteoric rise at the hedge fund is attracting envious glances. The Effy who her boss declares ‘the most together person I’ve ever met’. And the Effy who’s getting sloppy at work and proving completely unable to cope with Naomi’s rapid decline as the cancer begins to spread.

A surprise visit from Emily (Kathryn Prescott) is the last thing she needs, and her old issues begin to resurface as the stakes rise. The tales of financial skulduggery are occasionally sketchy and unpersuasive, but when ‘Skins’ plays to its strengths as a portrait of friendship under fire, it can still break your heart. The climax, in particular, is a touching and beautifully judged send-off for all concerned. But don’t go thinking things will get any cheerier – Cassie’s back next week.



F*ck you Skins, and your never happy endings. F*uck you! ;___;