Stags, Prostitutes and Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates

Mon Oct 7, 9-10pm, BBC3

Stacey Dooley has stealthily become an assured, likeable and intrepid broadcaster. And in this continuing series, she brings the same blunt moral clarity to laddish leisure time pursuits that she did to sweat shops back in 2008 in the show that launched her unlikely career.

Tonight, she’s in Prague, hanging out with drunken stags, but also meeting the police, hoteliers and sex workers who bear the brunt of their hi-jinks. She’s particularly good with the latter, urging visitors to remember that the girls are ‘somebody’s girlfriend, somebody’s mother’. Her directness, thoughtfulness and occasional outrage is disarming and elicits the odd revealing titbit, particularly from the mayor of Central Prague who seems willing to admit that he’d happily simply shift the problem out of his jurisdiction.

Stacey is no John Pilger, but she’s a perfect fit for a BBC3 audience; this is thoroughly worthwhile, demographically targeted TV.



me too. I am ashamed, angry, all sort of words coming to mind. Why are we trying so hard to show the world how low we can get as british? what kind of men behave like this the wekk before they make a commitment for life to a woman? wake up people, do not laugh off this stupid, drunken behaviour as normal


I never wrote a review on anything, but this documentary made me quite upset and the way Prague was show as a place full prostitues and British guys getting drunk on beer. This is a cheap journalism to feed audience, let's discover more Eastern Europe and their brothles! She is not good journalist! After ten minutes I actually switched it off as it full of rubbish!!!!!


This is one of the worst programmes I have ever watch. It is full of generalisations and patronising moral posturing. I am showing it to my Broadcast and Journalism students so they get a better understanding of how a production group could achieve so little regardless of the amount of resources available. I happened to be a regular visitor of the wonderful city of Prague, which is more than a place for brothels catering to British willing to do what they can clearly experience in London without all the trouble this lady claims has befallen over all these well meant visitors. I wouldn't recommend this poor attempt to any person but especially young audiences.