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Storyville: The Disappeared

Tue Nov 5, 10-11.25pm, BBC4

‘If there was a hierarchy of victims of the troubles, the disappeared were at the bottom,’ recalls one witness. The issues surrounding Ireland’s grim sectarian conflicts continue to resonate long after the most visceral aspects of them stand thankfully resolved.

Darragh MacIntyre’s film explores the people who were ‘disappeared’, mostly by the IRA. Forensic detectives outline the procedure, families recall the trauma of coping with loss without definitive explanations. And fascinatingly, MacIntyre manages to address pertinent questions to Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, whose position in the IRA at the time suggests that he may be well placed to shed some light on these disappearances.

Sadly, only a three-minute taster clip was available for us to view. But this shows every sign of being sobering but essential viewing.