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Teen Exorcists

Thu Sep 12, 9-10pm, BBC3

London is one of the most satanic cities in the world, according to teen exorcist Brynne. Its corruption has been centuries in the making, ‘but it all came to a head with the Harry Potter books’. That’s the kind of outré world view we’re dealing with in this interesting if slightly overgenerous film which follows Brynne, her pals Tess and Savannah and their mentor, the Reverend Bob Larson.

We visit the girls in their rural American home and then follow them as they travel to London, via an alarming trip to the Ukraine. They cast out spirits and sell DVDs – including the tempting-sounding ‘Twenty Most Dynamic Exorcisms’. They may look like a trio of sorority girls but they operate a zero-tolerance policy towards everything from pagan carvings in churches to spiritualist groups.

The film culminates with an explosive, public casting out of demons in Stratford which does little to dispel the suspicion that subjects are simply reacting to a created atmosphere – but then most people knew that anyway, right? A variously funny, sad and infuriating insight into the power of despair and belief, which will leave you gasping incredulously in places.



such a bad taste documentary, it was painful to watch