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The Intern

Thu Apr 4, 9-10pm, C4

Series one, episode one
Former Dragon Hilary Devey has left the Den to help dispirited 18-to-24-year-olds get a foot on the career ladder. Each week the amply-shoulder-padded entrepreneur will pit three young hopefuls against each other in worst-case scenarios to get their dream jobs. If the title wasn’t enough of a giveaway, this is a lot like ‘The Apprentice’. There’s an orchestral soundtrack and long shots of flash cars, but with a winner announced at the end of every episode, it’s impossible to build as much suspense as the BBC’s big-hitter.

Tonight, however, it does have some great ‘Beadle’s About’-style set-ups which leave management graduate Princess, young mum Georgia and 19-year-old Taylor squirming in confusion. The trio are competing for the trainee manager role at Kensington’s five-star Red Carnation Hotel, but they’re going to need a whole heap of gumption if they’re going to survive this week-long interview from hell.