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The IT Crowd: the Final Episode

Fri Sep 27, 9-10pm, C4

Those familiar with Graham Linehan’s hyperactive Twitter presence will be unsurprised by some of the subjects tackled in this the hour-long finale of his geeky, live audience sitcom: embarrassing viral videos, anonymous hacktivists, the NSA. It’s a testament to his fine plotting skills and mastery of tone that such dark fare is seamlessly woven into the shows usual cartoonish set pieces and Seinfeldian verbal tics (‘small-person racist’, ‘emotionally artistic’).

Along the way, our hapless trio of Moss (Richard Ayoade, whose new film ‘The Double’ features original Reynholm Industries head honcho Chris Morris, fact fans), Roy (Chris O’Dowd, fresh from BBC2’s Family Tree) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson, thankfully less shrill than in previous series) do battle with tiny baristas, pepper spray, women’s slacks and, er, a van with breasts. Naturally there are plenty of laughs to be had, especially from Matt Berry, on gloriously silly form as lunatic boss Douglas Reynholm.

But it drags in places and the same old problem remains: the main characters elicit no warmth. As a result, when the IT Crowd depart their basement lair for the last time this viewer was left feeling strangely unmoved. Adios then, nerdlingers: gone neither with a big bang nor a whimper.

Michael Curle, 33, is a web editor from Wandsworth. He was selected to write this review as part of the Time Out Takeover – a special edition of the magazine written entirely by our readers.


peter nixon

Farewell then - the final episode was never going to be the funniest, but still managed to weave in some great one liners, plenty of nods to previous episodes and in true Linehan fashion, laying bare the vacuousness of modern life (coffee shops, Twitter, reality TV etc). In Moss, we say goodbye to a genuinely great comic character, up there alongside Sergeant Wilson, Niles Crane and Margot Leadbetter, and it was apt that he was the one to turn out the lights on this sitcom classic.