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The Returned

Sun Jun 30, 9-10.05pm, C4

Series one, episode four
We’re at the midway point of this French chiller and the plot continues to thicken. All that is certain at this point is that the returnings are causing disintegration: of family units, of community, of friendships and of love. The direction and production encapsulate this atmosphere perfectly: the beautiful setting is rendered baleful, sinister and overpoweringly isolated.

Tonight, Simon and Adele reconnect and, in the process, learn something deeply unsettling about Adele’s domestic circumstances. Camille’s new identity only serves to accentuate Lena’s confusion. And Victor? Well, who knows what’s going on in that strange little boy’s head, but it can’t possibly be good. ‘The Returned’ isn’t getting any less bewildering but, for now, we can’t get enough.