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Young, British and Broke

Tue Dec 3, 9-10pm, BBC3

We all know borrowing is a big problem in Britain, but this documentary is still a sobering affair. Miquita Oliver knows a thing or two about money problems and makes for a sympathetic presenter, dropping in on a series of young people who’ve got in over their heads – or are heading that way.

Unemployed Josh has been getting payday loans until he was faced with a £6,000 bill – for £1,000 borrowed. ‘I don’t think I realised the seriousness of it,’ is a common refrain, and Oliver reels in shock at the ease of getting a loan via a phone app. It’s hard to have sympathy with the people getting loans in order to party in expensive bars (and, in one hidden-camera case, buy coke) but the mothers with mouths to feed make sobering viewing. Suicide is mentioned more than once.

Oliver also tests out the payday loan companies to see it they’re sticking to recent government clampdowns. It’s a fairly one-sided campaign film, but in a good cause: if this prevents one person from going down that road then it’s worth it.