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Harry Potter London Tour with Muggle Tours
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A walking tour for 'Harry Potter' fans, exploring film locations and inspirations for the books, with props and trivia. Ten per cent of donations go to charity. Group sizes are kept small so booking is essential. And you need a travel card as a short tube is involved.

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Event phone: 079141 51041
Event website: http://www.muggletours.co.uk
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Duncan A

This tour is the best in London and our tour guide (Alex Scamander) was superb & clearly should have had a role in Harry Potter!

Kinda H

it was absolutely brilliant. Our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The kids were over the moon but so were the adults!

Amanda S

Fantastic day out, our guide was fab and my son said he didn't want it to be over! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Mikaela B

John Lupin, the very excellent Tour for Muggles, made my stay in London a little more magical. I'm a potterhead, started reading the books at a young age, obsessed about the movies, and spend more than I should on merch. This walking tour was amazing, engaging, and informative! 394 points!

Benjamin L

We had Ellie as our guide and it was great.it's a lovely mix of harry potter facts and behind the scenes stories from both books and movies. Sprinkled in are several sightseeing places and some fun facts of London as well as other movies. Ellie did a great job and gave us a jovial and magical experience of London

Victoria G

My friend was visiting from Australia who loves Harry Potter, so I googled tours around london and found this! Amazing price and very attentive emails about everything we needed to know. The tour itself was brilliant, our tour guide Ellie Lovegood was full of enthusiasm and made the whole experience so enjoyable and fun! The tour was fact filled not just with Harry Potter facts so anyone would love it really! Honestly I think everyone should do this, can't praise it enough!

Jennifer H

This tour was AMAZING! The great Ellie Lovegood (distant cousin of Luna, of course!) was a wonderful guide. She made sure that everyone in the tour was comfortable and taken care of. She also took the time to learn about each person on the tour, which made the experience extra special. The pace was great and none of the walks between stops were overly long. It was wonderful seeing some of the sites that aren’t on ‘every other HP tour’ out there. I would even recommend this tour to those not ‘into’ the HP universe (like parents or significant others with a HP freak in the family) as there is plenty to see and hear about that is also interesting not in relation to the series. In summary, it was an engaging experience with just the perfect amount of history, folklore, magic, and, of course, Harry Potter!

Brittany M

Amazing tour! Great price with it! Our tour guide was Steph Black and she did amazing! Got to see so many great things and publicly display my Harry Potter fandom! HIGHLY recommend!

orla o

The tour was magical!! pottering around with scott/daniel radcliffe was great craic, recommend it to anyone who appreciates the wonder that HP is x

Neharika N

As a true Harry Potter nerd, I really enjoyed the tour, and with the sheer enthusiasm Greta had as a guide, we managed to not mind the cold as we traipsed through London looking at all of the Harry Potter-y sites! What made the tour even more fun for me was to be able to discuss some of the more obscure fan theories with Greta as we walked! I've lived in London for about 3 months now, and walked by some of the places we visited today so many times before, but, only after this tour did I realise the significance these places had with respects to a book/movie series that is very close to my heart. Cheers, Muggle Tours! I'm sure I'll tell all my HP obsessed friends about you guys!

La S

We really enjoyed our office party outing with Greta, to explore the world of Harry Potter in the London Bridge area. Greta was an excellent guide, full of interesting anecdotes and with a lovely animated manner, making sure everyone felt involved and at ease. She gave fascinating insight into the filming and development of Harry Potter on screen, and fired all our imaginations as we looked with new eyes at familiar places. Thanks Muggle Tours, I am sure we will all be recommending you.

Simon B

A great afternoon out for us and our 8 year old daughter. Lots of interesting sights and information and Steph was a great guide.

Karoline W

The tour was great fun! It was a perfect mixture between seeing real-filming locations, hearing facts about various actors and the integration of all participants. Steph was a well prepared and enthusiastic guide! You do not even have to be a hard-core Harry-Potter fan you will also enjoy the fact that you get to know very exciting places/streets you have never seen before. I will definitely recommend the tour to my friends!!!!

Luciana R

Great fun! Really well organised, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. Perfect family outing. Thank you!

Sam P

Made booking for my group easy. They were very accommodating and friendly! The tour itself was great as our tour guide was knowledgeable about the films and about the history of the locations he took us to. He was able to relate the history to the films and the books. He tested our knowledge with trivia questions and tallied points for each school of Hogwarts. Overall, a great experience I'll hopefully be going back soon.

LiLi M

My friend and I had a wonderful experience with Muggle Tours. Our tour guide, Greta Granger, was kind, enthusiastic, funny, and very knowledgeable. She put on a great performance while leading us to various Harry Potter points. We both really enjoyed the combination of "inspiration"and filming locations. We are great fans of the books but not so much the movies. Therefore, it was fantastic to learn about how various places and story lines in the series came to be. We also enjoyed the added tidbits about London in general, especially the story of the changing of the guard! The length and pace of the tour were well designed and the trivia an extra treat. Thank you Muggle Tours for a great outing! 

Leigh W

We really enjoyed our Muggle Tour with John last week. He was so knowledgeable about all things Harry Potter, but also things London's past history and current political and entertainment worlds and how those combined to create the stories woven by JK Rowling. I would highly recommend this tour for people of all ages.

Elaine P

I agree with one of the posts below - for a Harry Potter tour, I would have preferred less general London information and more actual Harry Potter locations. And less alleged 'inspiration' stops. For example - the stop by the Clink or the Golden Hinde. What were they for? I've been on another HP walking tour of London with another company, and I'm afraid to say, it was much better. The guide was pleasant and tried hard though.

Katie F

Brilliant tour! Very relaxed (unexpected snack break!) and our guide Joseph was great. Lots of interesting facts and great to see London from a Harry Potter perspective. Would definitely recommend for any HP fan :D As mentioned in someone else's feedback the only thing I would have changed was to actually go to the bridge, however knockturn alley and diagon alley made up for it - as did Joseph's jokes.....

Melody R

Melody and family

We loved it.  One of my daughters said in the middle that she didn't want it to be over.  Steph was well versed on HP and JK and on London itself.  She did a great job keeping our large group together.  As an adult HP fan, I loved it and the kids for sure thought it was great.  Great value if you want to do something HP and not break the bank at the studio tour.  I am sure it is a very different experience, but we loved it.  Thanks, Steph.

Aubrie D

My friend and I just did this tour and LOVED it. We learned tons about HP and about London itself, and lots of fun little tidbits of info to share with friends later. Scott, our tour guide, was hilarious and knowledgable and super friendly. There were plenty of bathroom stops, for which I was thankful, and it was an easy pace to keep up. I wish the tour was just a little bit longer, even, so that we could actually visit some of the places pointed to or that we stood outside of on the tour (would be cool to pop INTO the Leaky Cauldron, and also actually go ON the Millennium Bridge). Otherwise, fantastic time, great price! 

Laura A

Great tour! As a Harry Potter fan I wasn't disappointed! It was fun and very interesting! Thanks to Simon for such a great time! Totally worth it! I will definitely recommend it to friends and even repeat the experience with them!

China E

This is a great tour even if you don't like harry potter but if you do its even better. Well worth the price and exceeded my expectations.

Michael S

I agree with many of the comments of "bsox," including those concerning Scott, who was also our tour guide. Scott was very good, very knowledgeable, with a great sense of humor and quick wit. In truth, our expectations for this tour were already dampened in advance on account of not being able to do the larger Harry Potter studio tour/attraction just outside central London, which we didn't know needed to be booked well in advance (in fact, it is already booked for the next few months!). But not only did this (much cheaper!) "Muggle Tour" ended up being a short-notice option for in a pinch -- not to mention saving us from a bit of our own and our son's disappointment -- it also ended up exceeding expectations. The Harry Potter angle is of course the main thing here, but this tour is also a great way to explore the city and its history, and how it all influence the films and Rowling's vision. Thanks.

Lee P

We had a great time on the Harry Potter tour around London sites, my daughter Molly had a ball with Suzie our guide who was so lovely and gave us lots of interesting facts about London never mind just Harry Potter. Would definitely recommend as a great way to see some sights you may not come across yourself.


Our group of seven loved the tour.  I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a great way to see some areas of London (with some history thrown in) and connected well to the Harry Potter books and movies.  Our guide, Greta, was charming.  Well worth it for our group.


Our group of seven loved the tour.  I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a great way to see some areas of London (with some history thrown in) and connected well to the Harry Potter books and movies.  Our guide, Greta, was charming.  Well worth it for our group.


I took the tour today, June 29, with Scott as our guide. He was incredibly witty and even more knowledgeable about both the Potterverse and London. Our group was quiet and he did his best to draw us out. I found it to be great value for the money and a wonderful way to see several parts of London.

Lizzy M

My sister and I took one of the tours in early June when she was visiting me in London. Although our tour guide was certainly very friendly and enthusiastic, we did have some problems with the tour itself. It is quite expensive in terms of a walking tour (especially considering you don't go inside anywhere and at one point we had to take the tube). Because of the price I expected a lot more then I ended up getting and I especially expected more about Harry Potter stuff. There was a lot of information about the city of London in general which since I've been on several walking tours from different companies I was already aware of. It was neat to see the sites that we saw, but my suggestion would be to make it shorter and cheaper. The tour guide as I mentioned was very enthusiastic which was great, it's just the tour itself that needs a little bit of work. Maybe consider adding another option for people who live in London and really just want to visit the spots that relate specifically to Harry Potter.

Vladimir A

We were two families with children and took this tour in April during our holiday visit to London. We wanted to give our children another way to explore London and to have more practice in English. And we were not disappointed. Our guide Stef, young enthusiastic woman, interestingly described all places showing appropriate pictures from Harry Potter films. She found time to speak to almost every boy and girl in our group and, in the end, finished the tour with her own magic surprising and enjoying not only children but their parents too.

Michelle T

My parents and I went on this tour on May 15th and had loads of fun! Our guide was Adam Potter and he was enthusiastic, informative, funny, friendly, and very passionate about Harry Potter. He often quizzed us about the series and on some of London's history just before providing additional background, a great way to keep everyone involved. Overall, he was an excellent guide. This tour is a wonderful way of visiting parts of London that you would never think of seeing while learning some great facts about Harry Potter. I highly recommend this tour to any Harry Potter fans as well as to anyone who wants to discover new things about this fantastic city.

Lorraine G

My sister and I just did this tour earlier today and had a great time. We're big nerds and wanted to see London through a more interesting type of tour, this was definitely that. It was a great way to see parts of London you wouldn't otherwise see, while getting some Harry Potter trivia and hanging out with people just as nerdy as you. Our guide, Scott, was funny and entertaining even when faced with a tour made up primarily of German teens and thus, being interrupted constantly for translations. While many guides would find this frustrating, Scott did a great job of trying to keep everyone involved, regardless of the language barrier. It was an all around great time and I would definitely recommend.

Karen S

I took a friend from 'up north' on Saturday. Being a Londoner myself I thought that I pretty much knew it all but nope.... learnt loads, laughed a lot and really saw hidden parts of London.  Thoroughly would recommend ... in fact I'm thinking of doing it again with a couple of younger Muggles who I know would adore it....

Ellie J

Our guide was Adam potter, he was very entertaining, knowledgable and enthusiastic. He gave us lots of information but made it lots of fun at the same time. The time flew by. I would definitely recommend this to harry potter fans. The tour is on foot so make sure you wear comfortable footwear, he took us to places we would definitely not have found without him. We used the tube to reach the meeting point and it took longer than expected to get there due to tube strikes. So if you go make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the start point as you don't want to miss anything. We parked at watford tube station and got the tube to Central London which took about 1 hour 30 minutes. Luckily we got there just in time! Fantastic tour.

Craig H

This was fabulous fun and Steph was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The first half was round Borough Market and whilst I know the area pretty well, I found loads of stuff out that I didn't know before. My two girls (10 and 11) really enjoyed themselves and I'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone. Cheers Craig, Maddi and Morgan 

Nancy L

This tour was fantastic!  Our tour guide (Scott) was knowledgeable and very entertaining!  The magic of Harry Potter was found everywhere, and it was fun to receive additional background information about the movie we wouldn't have found out about otherwise.  Seeing London through this tour was a huge plus!  Thank you so much for the magical adventure!

anthony c

This was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  I learned a lot about both Harry Potter and London history while stretching my legs at a good rate.  The guide was incredible (Stephanie, mentioned in other reviews) and knew the answer to every question posed to her.  Her enthusiasm made the tour interesting for all ages.  The tour was well organized, and covered all the major sites.  No complaints at all.


My 16 year old son and I LOVED the tour.  Our guide was Scott and he was so fun and informative.  He filled us in on some behind the scenes trivia as well as fun facts about the cast and JK Rowling. We also had the opportunity to see parts of London, small streets and alleyways, that we would never have encountered on our own.  I highly recommend the tour.  It was well worth the time spent!

Stephanie W

Stephanie Black was an amazing tour guide - and, we really enjoyed touring around London to see places we would never have seen during our week stay.  Stephanie was fun and we were so glad we signed up for the tour.  My kids were thrilled (10 and 15).  Keep in mind that it is a true walking tour - we logged almost 4.5 miles during the 2.5 hours.

Sara K

If you´re looking for special way to spend pre-noon, this is what you should do! Superenthusiastic and energetic Steph showed us London, seen through a muggle´s eye! If you´re a Potter fan, this is a must see, if you´re not - this will be a fun way to spend 2,5 hours! 

Kathy L

We just got back from a quick but wonderful time in London, and one of our highlights was absolutely the walking tour. Great insights, great places to go, wonderful fun facts to hear about Harry Potter and JK Rowlings. Our tour guide Scott, was energetic, enthusiastic and kept us moving and quite interested! We loved it and highly recommend it for anyone!


The tour was great, especially for Harry Potter fans, but also for normal" muggles. Caitlin knew lots of interesting details about the films, about the books and about J.K. Rowling. We got to magical places in London that you wouldn't normally go to. We can definitely recommend the tour.


The Muggle Tour was an excellent excursion, very enlightening and good value. Both adults and kids enjoyed the tour, discovering new parts of London and learning interesting and amusing facts on the making of the Harry Potter films and other British made movies, Caitlin was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very entertaining guide. We would definitely recommend to others.

Nicholas Carrigy

It was rainy and windy; however, there er a lot of interesting places and facts presented by the guide which made this tour very enjoyable. The tour guide was very knowledgeable.


Took the tour last week and despite horrible weather and tube strike (!) our enthusiastic guide Steph made it an excellent experience! Can recommend it to all Harry Potter fans. Do it!


My kids and I took this tour with John. Although it was a rainy cold day, it didn't distract from the task at hand; getting to know Harry Potter film locations and JK Rowling interesting did bits. Would recommend it to all "Potterheads"!


Great fun. Steph the guide was excellent, really enthusiastic. Great way to see some of London at the same time as Harry Potter-themed stuff, not just the films but inspiration sites for JK Rowling as well. Best part - finishing up on a street full of antique book shops.


Best walking tour ever! Caitlin is extremely knowledgable and made our tour magical. We all learnt something new and interesting about London (despite being residents for years) not exclusive to die hard hp fans. throughally recommended.

Carolyn Walters

Adam was our guide and he was wonderful. He led a great tour, and my 21 year old son and I really enjoyed seeing parts of London that are most tourists don't see. I would highly recommend this tour to all ages!

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