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12 LA foodie Instagram accounts that are good enough to eat

Written by
Jakob N. Layman

Imagine, if you will: After a long two months, your reservation for dinner at Bestia has finally arrived. A tattooed and T-shirt clad employee whisks you through the crowded shrine of exposed brick and vintage lightbulbs. After moments of deliberation and consultation, your party sends its order into the ether. As your meal arrives, a calm passes over the table and each person begins preparing their offerings for Instagram. You wait, collectively and anxiously. The time comes to see if your offering has been accepted—30 likes in less than a minute, the Instagram gods are pleased, the meal may commence.

For those of us not yet blessed with the gift of a devoted following, the best way to find inspiration is to seek out the people who are doing it right. Instagram has made discovering the best restaurants a celebrated activity and has helped broaden our horizons when searching for the best dishes, either locally or on the road. We’ve put together a list of our absolute favorite LA-based foodie Instagram accounts. Whether they are food bloggers or food photographers, these individuals are the best at capturing LA’s diverse dining options in the most flattering ways possible.

1. @hangrydiary


A photo posted by Hangrydiary (@hangrydiary) on


2. @lastname.ip


A photo posted by Ariel Ip (@lastname.ip) on


3. @theoffalo


A photo posted by The Offalo (@theoffalo) on


4. @pham-bot


A photo posted by @pham_bot on


5. @missfoodieproblems


6. @wonhophoto


A photo posted by Wonho Frank Lee (@wonhophoto) on


7. @streetgourmetla


A photo posted by @streetgourmetla on


8. @valleyfattyguy


A photo posted by @valleyfattyguy on


9. @confessionsofafoodtourist


10. @thestaceysun


A photo posted by Stacey Sun (@thestaceysun) on


11. @lindseyeatsla


A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseyeatsla) on


12. @laphoodie

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