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12 things we love about rainy days in LA

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Rainy days in LA are too few, which means we get to long for them and romanticize them practically year-round. As if drought relief wasn't enough, here are twelve more things we love about rain in LA.

1. Clear skies for days afterward—look, we can see Catalina!

2. Finally, an excuse to stay in bed and watch movies all day (not that we needed one...).

3. Free car wash/street cleaning/window washing day.

4. A legitimate reason to bust out all the gear we used to actually use before we moved here: rain boots, waxed jackets, wool socks... (native Angelenos, we can totally understand why you don't own a single umbrella).

5. Just another excuse to have ramen for lunch... and dinner.

6. We finally get to Instagram some inclement weather.

7. The LA river turns into, well, more of a river.

8. We can feel slightly less bad about driving instead of walking or taking public transit.

9. That fresh wet grass, wet flowers, wet pavement smell.

10. The rare case when "weather" becomes a valid excuse for getting out of something.

11. We have something to complain about aside from the traffic.

12. We get to see rainbows outside of WeHo.

Written by Time Out staff, edited by Kate Wertheimer.

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