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3 infinitely better versions of the fast food you can't resist

3 infinitely better versions of the fast food you can't resist
Photo courtesy Top Round
Top Round

We love fast food. That’s just a given. We’re Americans. But sometimes our favorite fast food places just aren't as healthy or even as appetizing as we would like. Take Arby’s, for instance, with its pseudo beef product we can all agree does not even resemble in taste or texture actual roast beef. After scouring the city, I compiled a list of three noteworthy options for satisfying that craving while kicking it up a notch in quality and taste.

1. Top Round Roast Beef. I would imagine whenever the Arby’s fast food chain began it probably resembled Top Round Roast Beef on La Brea and Olympic—before it was corrupted by whatever god-awful place they get their meat. This classy throwback to a bygone era serves up authentic roast beef sandwiches and curly fries just like the fast food version...only it’s absolutely delicious. They also offer good old fashioned horseradish sauce, which they don’t call horsey sauce because we are all adults here.

2. Michael’s Restaurant. Normally when it comes to In-N-Out, I am a passionate defender. There is seemingly no room for improvement. But alas, there is a burger that abides and may even outdo the famed California classic. On third street near Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Michael’s Restaurant has been known as a high-class eatery for more than two decades. But what you might not know is that they serve a cheeseburger that pays homage to their version of the In n’ Out "Double-Double." But Michael’s burger is made from ground brisket, short rib and chuck topped with homemade American cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes, butter lettuce and onions caramelized in duck fat. Needless to say...it’s unbelievable.

3. Cemitas Poblanas Food Truck. Taco Bell loves to tout its fourth meal qualities. Because who better to market your food to than drunks and degenerates at two in the morning? For a better late night option than a soft taco supreme, we suggest any one of the thousands of taco trucks lining Los Angeles city streets day and night. My local Cemitas Poblanos Food Truck on Venice Boulevard even stays open past 2am on weekends. With bottomless buckets of salsa, pickled carrots and sliced radishes on the side, who could ask for a better drunken late night munchies meal? It will be one to remember, or not. 

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