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3 new fitness trends you should try to fight the holiday weight gain

AIR Los Angeles
Courtesy: AIR Los Angeles

We are well into the month of November and the great holiday, Thanksgiving, is almost here. With the holidays come not only Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah dinners full of turkey, ham or pies, but also countless friend and company parties with booze and finger foods galore. If you’re like us, chances are that you’re already thinking about the inevitable weight gain, and shopping around for a pair of stretchy pants that say both “feed me” and “I’m classy.”

To beat the holiday weight gain here are three new fitness trends to get your sugar plum-like derrière off the couch before that stuffing and gravy catch up to you.

1. Speedplay (Beverly Hills): If you’re worried that your normal gym routine isn’t burning off enough of the holiday calories, Speedplay has you covered. This latest trend works in intervals of running, rowing, weight training and suspension that's guaranteed to make you sweat and beg for a break. The classes are always packed with energy infused beats and their Beverly Hills location offers a spectacular penthouse view of the city skyline for motivation. Not many fitness studios can boast being in a penthouse.

2. Air Los Angeles (West Hollywood): Chances are you’ve seen aerial acrobats in Vegas, a fancy event or even on TV. These athletes perform mind-boggling body twists and turns while suspended a good height above the floor—a feat that isn’t easy to watch for the faint of heart. Now you can give it a go and try your hand at being an amateur aerialist while getting a thorough workout for your arms and mid-section, and kiss that holiday muffin top goodbye—the bad kind, of course. Celebrities like Sarah Hyland and Jamie Chung are huge fans, so imagine the endless awe you’ll receive at your holiday gatherings when you show off that you work out at the same space of some of the most popular celeb girl crushes.

3. SurfSet at 220 Fitness (Santa Monica): Surfers have some of the best physiques, and though actual surfing in the water is a great workout, during the holidays you can bet your bum the Pacific Ocean will be freezing. These classes take surfing indoors and rely on the same rigorous moves you’d experience while catching some waves to engage your core and stabilizer muscles, ensuring that each move shocks your whole body while targeting muscles you had no idea existed. Give your mouth muscles a break from all that holiday eating you’ve been doing and give SurfSet a go. 



Rose H

Love to have this in the high desert. I would love to find someone experienced in this exercise to help start my own  business like this in the High dessert.