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4 tips for going to Cinespia screenings at Hollywood Forever

4 tips for going to Cinespia screenings at Hollywood Forever
Photograph: Courtesy of Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It’s that time of year again. Cinespia film screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery will begin the 2015 season with 1978 frat comedy Animal House on Saturday, May 9. The first month of films has already been announced, so be sure to purchase these tickets far in advance since the more popular movies tend to sell out quickly. To get you prepared for what’s become a quintessential LA experience, check out these tips before your first Cinespia screening or for a good reminder if it's been a long, forgetful winter.

1. New parking options. Uber, cycling and Metro remain viable ways to get there, but the formerly hectic on-site parking situation has improved with off-site lots at the Hollywood Production Center and Paramount Studios. If you get there early enough, there are usually some spots on Gower if you’re looking to save a few bucks. Editor's Note: Hollywood Forever does kindly ask that residents do not park on residential streets as a courtesy to their neighbors.

2. Get there early. Crowd sizes noticeably swelled the last couple of years, so arrive before the masses. A good spot can make all the difference. I recommend getting there around 6pm and make sure to purchase tickets online for quick entry. You'll also have time to check out the cemetery grounds and enjoy the meticulously curated beats from the pre-show DJ.

3. Dress and pack for the long haul. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be in the cemetery for more than four hours. Pack a tarp to keep your blanket from getting wet, battery-powered tea lights and plenty of pillows and blankets to avoid restless leg syndrome (and to stay warm). You can always wait out the massive exodus when the credits roll by staying late for more music and to check out their always-on-point themed photo booth.

4. The picnic. A relatively inexpensive trip to Trader Joe’s always does the trick, but if you want to change things up try stopping by Peruvian chicken takeout shack Pollos A La Brasa or Korean fried chicken specialists Kyochon on the way. And if there’s one thing you remember from reading this post—don’t forget the wine opener!

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China Lee, right next to the cemetery gates, is a very basic steam-table chinese joint, but their spicy chicken wings are seriously on point (and dirt cheap!) for a last-minute picnic option. Send one of your movie-going companions over to grab a large order while you wait in line out front if you didn't make it to Kyochon on the way.