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5 must-see art events in Los Angeles this week

Written by
Shelley Holcomb

This week, the Los Angeles art scene brings you a Mutant Salon, an evening of audiovisual stimulation and a glimpse into the richness of everyday life through the eyes of a contemporary African-American photographer. 

1. Is It All Over My Face?—a live performance series at Honor FraserA week of curated performances and video screenings, Is It All Over My Face? explores concepts of the artist alter ego. Highlights include five new videos and a live performance by rap goddess Jizzy Lizzy (Wednesday 8:30pm) and a Mutant Salon wherein performers will enact the ritual of self-beautification by synthesizing movement with sound. (Thursday 7:30pm). 

2. Dawn Kasper The Age of Anxiety at Redling Fine ArtCrashing her truck while wearing only a trench coat and ski mask, conducting a musical score for hoarders by stacking furniture to the ceiling and hijacking the Whitney Museum as her personal workspace are just a few examples of the type of performance you can expect from Dawn Kasper. We don’t know what to expect for her upcoming exhibition at Redling Fine Art, but we highly suggest you be there to witness it. (Thursday 7:30pm)

3. Audiodrome: Vol.1 - Terminal Vortex at CinefamilyThe first edition of a new audiovisual series brought to you by the talents of WOAHTigerbeat6 and CinefamilyAudiodrome is a showcase of live-score music performances and experimental video premieres. The night also serves to celebrate the release of glitch/mash-up artist Kid 606’s latest record Bored of Excitement, out this week on Tigerbeat6. Hurry up and grab your tickets here. (Thursday 7:30pm)

4. Dorian Wood closing performance for Seraphim at LAST ProjectsLA native, Dorian Wood, is known for his controversial music videos and beautifully haunting performance works that delve into themes of sexuality and gender identity. His drawings and paintings—rarely available to the public—give an intimate glimpse into the daily thoughts and inner workings of a creative savant. Lucky for you, there’s one last chance to view his works with the added bonus of a special closing performance by the artist. (Friday 7-11pm)

5. AMERICAN SURVEY PT: II: Tell It like It Is at PAPILLIONInternational street photographer Andre D. Wagner’s compelling black and white works are a window into contemporary African-American life. Wagner uses film and traditional photo processing to illuminate the human condition and examine his everyday surroundings. (Saturday 5-8pm)

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