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Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanNothing like a romantic hike with one of these guys...

7 types of guys you meet in LA

Written by
Erin O'Brien

Los Angeles, home of the transplant! But as a native myself, I love the gross overgeneralizations about the fine folk in Tinseltown. Everyone’s beautiful, no one eats gluten. With a bit of truth behind each stereotype, it makes the City of Angels an interesting place to date. These are the seven types of guys you're likely to come across on your LA dating journey.

1. The Comedian. This guy usually has a day job and spends his nights and weekends working the comedy circuit. He's great if you have a good sense of humor, unless he's threatened by it because you're funnier than he is. Depending on his genre of comedy he'll likely turn everything into a sketch scene, a bit or a "yes, and" moment.

2. The Actor. Los Angeles—where dreams come true, where every server is an aspiring actor! Actor types are usually really passionate and hardworking, which brings a lot of positives to the table, but can also make it hard to date. For example, trying to make plans with this guy can be tricky, between his day job, auditions, call backs, workouts, dietary restrictions and being on set. You can tell how much work an actor gets by how much he talks about it. In my experience, working actors hate to talk about it, whereas those hoping for work love to talk about it to no end.

3. The Musician. Ever-inspired, musicians are dreamy. It's hot when someone is super passionate about something. Add a guitar or drums to the mix and you've got yourself a babe magnet. They tend to be creative and emotional, which is quite a combination to bring into a relationship of any sorts. Be prepared for super late hangouts, probably after a gig.

4. The Hipster. This guy wanted to date you before dating was cool. You probably met in Echo Park at a friend of a friend's party, and your first date was to the farmer's market where you got organic ingredients to make a homemade meal and listen to vinyls. Bonus: you can share skinny jeans.

5. The Surfer. Super chill, but don’t be surprised if you wake up alone because he’s left to catch a wave early in the morning. Afterwards, he’s usually shirtless and barefoot, which is totally fine because hello abs!

6. The Posh Guy. I don't know what this guy does for a living but he usually lives in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills and wears a suit out to the bar. He's very serious. That's all I really know about him because the last time I tried to talk to one, my sense of humor offended him and he stormed off.

7. The Guy With A Girlfriend. This guy seems great when you first meet him, until your third date when you find out he has a long distance girlfriend and you've accidentally become the other woman. Alternatively, he may be up front but he's still a total flirt, which makes him fun to be around, especially if you "click," but otherwise off limits. It can get pretty twisted if you're not careful.

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