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Photograph: Stuart Seeger/Flickr

9 complaints about the rain we will actually tolerate

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Yes, we know it's pretty much blasphemous to complain about anything having to do with rain at this point (except, obviously, that we don't get nearly enough of it). Though most rain whining is total BS, some complaints are legit; let's be honest, this city was just not built to handle inclement weather. Here's a list of weather worries we can commiserate with—though that doesn't mean we want it to stop raining. Please, keep raining!

1. Native Angelenos never learned to drive in the rain, and the rest of you transplants seem to have forgotten. It's just water, guys.

2. The line at Daikokuya/Silver Lake Ramen is always a total nightmare, and nowhere on Sawtelle Boulevard is any better.

3. LA gets even less pedestrian-friendly after a rainstorm. We're either tripping over giant puddles of standing water or getting splashed by passing cars.

4. After holding out for months, we JUST broke down and got our cars washed this weekend... and now everyone else is getting a free wash from Mother Nature.

5. We don't own umbrellas or know where to find the ones we bought two years ago and haven't used since.

6. Inclement weather is the worst when you’re single—no one to snuggle inside with.

7. The constant sun has warped our wiper blades, so now on the three days a year that we actually need them, they don’t work.

8. Mudslides are real and terrifying.

9. The Pacific is even more polluted and sewer-like than usual after all that rain runoff... sorry surfers and sea creatures.

Written by Time Out staff, edited by Kate Wertheimer

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