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At the Ganja Goddess Getaway, women meditate, restore—and smoke up

Written by
Brittany Martin

What happens when you want to get in touch with your inner goddess, but your personal goddess turns out to be a bit of a stoner? Enter the Ganja Goddess Getaway. This series of weekend retreats around Southern California offer creative and restorative activities for the cannabis-inclined. 

The overnight trips are designed to create a space for women to feel empowered, self-confident and, well, high. Being high is definitely a big part of the event. A glance through the schedule of events includes such activities as “Puff, Puff, Paint” art classes and “Cannabis Comedy” stand-up. There are talks on how cannabis can figure into women’s health and wellness, sexuality, body positivity and more. There are also lots of yoga lessons.

The meditation leader known as Miss Bliss felt inspired to organize the getaways to share her own enthusiasm for including cannabis as part of her practice of mindfulness and spirituality.

“I find that cannabis helps me connect to the divine within myself—the part of me that’s connected to you, and to all people, all animals, plants, and life on this planet, and perhaps the universe,” she writes on the Ganja Goddess website. “It is this place of unity or oneness which we are striving to connect to at the Ganja Goddess Getaway.” 

Three Ganja Goddess Getaways are currently scheduled: August 26 and 27 in Pescadero, California ($120 to, of course, $420); September 23 and 24 in a location to be announced; and one special edition on September 16 and 17 in Palm Springs, open to male participants when they attend as part of a couple.

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