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Bernie Sanders is in DTLA right now for a rally

Bernie Sanders is in DTLA right now for a rally
Photograph: Eric Elofson

Bernie Sanders fans: You have one last chance to see your favorite former-candidate this election season. He is making an open public appearance Downtown in Pershing Square right now, for a 10am rally on behalf of the Yes on Prop 61 campaign.

Senator Sanders is in attendance at the rally in partnership with the California Nurses Association and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation amongst other who support the measure that would peg the prices paid by the State of California for prescription drugs to the prices paid for those same drugs by the federal department of Veterans Affairs.

Historically, the VA has had access to drugs at lower costs than other health care system—generally 24 percent lower than the pharmaceutical company’s list price—and proponents of the measure think that a massive system like California’s refusing to pay any more than the VA price for pharmaceuticals would keep costs down for all. Critics of the measure worry it may simply result in increases in the prices paid by veterans to get the same drugs.

The Yes on Prop 61 Campaign has been one of the most visible amongst the ballot measures facing California voters this season. You've likely seen Senator Sanders’ face on billboards and bus-wraps all over the city as part of a $17 million advertising campaign by the ‘yes’ advocates. Polls suggest 66 percent of Californians support the measure, though the L.A. Times editorial board is among those who suggest a ‘no’ vote.

After Sanders closes out his Pershing Square event, he’ll be moving on to Sacramento for another event at the California State Capitol building.


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Marty C

Read section four of the measure.  You will see it only covers about 12% of Californians.  The other 88% would see costs rise.  It won't affect me, as I use the VA, but the majority of Californians will see dramatic increases in prices.

James B

No  one changes that fast. The powers that be, put a gun to Sander's head and then offered him his life and a million dollars if he would support Hillary.  Sanders has already use most of that money to buy a house for his retirement. Sanders had already done all the good that he could possibly do. He certainly did far more good than any US politician  did in this century. I am glad that after years of sacrifice Sanders finally made some money. The same thing happened to Bill Clinton who swore up and down that he would never sign NAFTA and after he was elected signing NAFTA into law was suddenly a priority early in his term. Now Hillary is benefitting from the deal Bill made to sign NAFTA.  In American politics a 180 degree turn is more common than in most countries That's because, We will give you our money money and your life is a most convincing offer."