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Bundle up! It's going to be (literally) freezing tonight.

Frost in Newbury Park, California
Photograph: Randy Robertson/Flickr/CC Frost in Newbury Park, California

Unless you’re up in the mountains, most of Southern California can’t reasonably expect those much-sung-about white Christmases. Even still, while we may not have snow, it’s certainly feeling downright frosty outside. A freeze warning is in effect for parts of the region and the cold and wind aren’t going to be going away quickly.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures in areas surrounding Los Angeles have been dipping into the frigid with lows in Ojai, Lancaster and Palmdale recording down into the teens and twenties. Temperatures are expected to continue to fall as a low-pressure system sweeps in a delivery of cold air coming across from Nevada. Expect it to feel frosty late and night and into the early morning tomorrow. Combining with the cold temperatures are windy conditions so intense that they’ve triggered wind advisories for Los Angeles and Ventura counties as well as small watercraft advisories off the coastline. 

Fight the urge to crank your furnace way up to compensate; the strained Southern California Gas Company has issued a warning that customers could face gas and power outages if the system is overtaxed under these cold conditions. According to the L.A. Times, residents across the region are being encouraged to keep thermostats at 68 degrees or lower, do laundry only with cold water and consider laying off the use of any natural-gas-powered appliances until the freeze warnings pass.  

If you’re hating the cold, at least you won’t have to suffer for very long. By the weekend, the forecast will totally flip, seeing temperatures that are hotter than the December averages, as high as 80 degrees in some areas. In the meantime, we have plenty of suggestions for cozy spots and hot drinks to keep you warm during this chilly snap.      

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