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California has almost half of the top 25 most expensive zip codes in the country

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Seth Kelley

Not that we’re telling you something you don’t already know, but the numbers are in: living in California is freaking expensive. Twelve of the top 25 most expensive zip codes in the country are right here in the Golden State, according to a recent list on Forbes—and all of the top 25 had median home prices above $4 million.

Los Angeles had four of the top 25 most expensive zip codes, and they're pretty much where you would expect: 91302 is the most expensive in the area, which covers Hidden Hills and Calabasas, home of many celebrities (think: the Kardashians/Jenners, J-Lo, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Britney Spears). Good old 90210 is runner up, proving that its reputation precedes itself for good reason. Santa Monica also has a median home price of more than $4 million, as does 90077, otherwise known as Bel Air.

As crazy as things are on the southern end of the state, San Francisco has the No. 1 most expensive zip, and six more in the top 25. Atherton has a staggering median price of more than $10.5 million. Santa Barbara's 93108 is the only place outside of the two major cities to crack the top 25.

Check out the complete list of California zip codes in the top 25 below, or find the full list here:

1. 94027 Atherton

Median Price: $10,564,038

7. 94062 Woodside

Median Price: $5,533,534

8. 91302 Hidden Hills

Median Price: $5,074,231

10. 94010 Hillsborough

Median Price: $4,951,458

11. 94022 Los Altos Hills

Median Price: $4,927,038

13. 94920 Belvedere

Median Price: $4,626,731

14. 90210 Beverly Hills

Median Price: $4,553,181

17. 90402 Santa Monica

Median Price: $4,228,951

20. 94957 Ross

Median Price: $4,178,846

22. 94123 San Francisco

Median Price: $4,124,485

23. 93108 Santa Barbara

Median Price: $4,091,091

25. 90077 Los Angeles

Median Price: $4,004,563

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