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Barnsdall Art Park
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanBarnsdall Art Park

Calling all culinary geeks: Bitten, a NY-based food conference, is coming to L.A.

By Erin Kuschner

If you're a food lover in L.A., there are plenty of conventions, festivals and underground supper clubs to channel your inner kitchen geek. L.A. Cookie Con. Dessert Week. Smorgasburg. Wolvesmouth. But Bitten, a food conference founded in New York last year, is more than that. It's a place where chefs, food writers, flavorists and fans can all come together, exploring the space where food, technology, creativity and trends meet. And on October 28, it's coming to L.A.

Held at the Gallery Theater of Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood, the day-long festival features an all-star lineup of industry experts that will lead discussions on everything from cooking with cannabis to the power of a shared meal. The day begins at 9:30am with a catered breakfast from Plant Food + Wine, followed by 15 different sessions and a lunch break. Attendees will listen to Jonathan Gold talk about the evolution of food science in L.A., hear from Ben Simon on how ugly foods can save the planet, and discover how Nyesha Arrington transitioned from Bravo TV to Leona, her Venice restaurant. 

At $200, tickets aren't cheap, but we've got a 50 percent off code for you: TimeOut50. Use the code here and get ready for a day of geeking out with some of the biggest names in the biz.

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