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Celebrate National Dog Day with these adorable pups

Written by
Jakob N. Layman

Maybe you’ve heard—maybe you haven’t—but today is #nationaldogday and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been looking forward to this ALL. YEAR. LONG. And it’s finally here! Sure, you could argue that nothing is really special anymore now that everything from fried chicken sandwiches to homemade soup has it’s own "national day." But that would be a dumb argument, because fried chicken sandwiches are great, and so is homemade soup, and dogs are like the best thing in the world. Let us then celebrate some of our favorite Angeleno dogs! Whether they’re out and about in LA or relaxing at home, this roundup of instant-star Insta pups is a homage to the furry friends that make our great city even better.


A photo posted by Brandy The Pug (@brandy_the_pug) on


A photo posted by Pais (@paisleythepuppy) on



A photo posted by Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) on


A photo posted by Stephanie Cary (@stephiecary) on


A photo posted by @dogsofsqirl on


A photo posted by Cezara Popa (@cezpopa) on


A photo posted by QUESO (@quesolife) on


A photo posted by @hankandharriet on


A photo posted by Chibby (@chibbythecorgi) on

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