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Donald Trump got his wall sooner than expected—around his star on the Walk of Fame

Brittany Martin

Take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame today and you’ll probably find more than the usual crowds gawking and snapping pictures. Just outside the Forever 21 shop at the Hollywood and Highland Center, a new guerrilla art installation has popped up and is attracting a lot of attention. 

The local conceptual street artist who works under the name Plastic Jesus found the star on the Walk of one Donald J. Trump—that star would be in honor of his contributions to television, in case you were wondering—and put up a piece of which the Donald himself might approve. A wall (a really good wall, the best wall) has been erected around the tile block.

While not paid for by Mexico in this case, the wall is otherwise evocative of Trump’s preferred immigration reform tactic, constructed out of cement and topped with barbed wire. There are even tiny American flags flying at each corner.

Plastic Jesus is known for his confrontational public installations, always done with a wry sense of humor. Previous works have included what appeared to be a massive cocaine dose with American Express card and rolled up bill outside of an Urban Outfitters location and a fire hydrant decorated up as a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. More serious pieces have tackled gun violence and drug epidemics. If you’ve seen the block lettered stencils demanding you “Stop making stupid people famous” that seem to appear all over town, they’re a Plastic Jesus signature as well.

It’s not clear how long the Trump wall will remain in place, but it’s unlikely to be the last time Plastic Jesus and others take on the candidate with humor and art.

Photograph: Courtesy Plastic Jesus

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