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Photograph: vgm8383/flickr

Get ready! A major rain storm is coming and could bring floods and mudslides.

Brittany Martin

Grab your umbrellas (and maybe a steamy bowl of ramen) because a storm is brewing—and it has SoCal in its sights. The National Weather Service has issued an official flash flood alert, prompted by a forecast of heavy downpours set to hit the region on Thursday and Friday.

The risk of flash floods, mudslides and other dangers are greatest in areas that have recently been affected by forest fires, as the burnt areas can’t really absorb all the water the way they would have been able to if the trees were still there. The Weather Service is keeping a particularly close eye on areas in the Antelope Valley, Santa Monica Mountains and the Ventura County Coast. In the city, they advise keeping an eye out for road flooding and debris that might get caught up in the flow of water.

So what exactly should you be expecting in the next couple days? Think thunderstorms (yes, actual thunderstorms, in L.A.) hitting on Thursday night and Friday morning that could bring downpours of a half-inch per hour. If a half-inch per hour doesn’t sound like much, remember that last year, we accumulated just 9.65 inches of rain in the entire year. If we actually maxed out these predictions (which is, admittedly, unlikely, but hypothetically) we would be soaking up 6 inches in one go. 

Once the main front passes by mid-day Friday, the rain will taper off to mere showers, so you should not have to worry too much if your Halloween party costume isn’t quite suited for inclement weather.

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