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Rain Room by rAndom International at the Museum of Modern Art
Photograph: Virginia RollisonRain Room by rAndom International at the Museum of Modern Art

Get ready to wait in line: Rain Room is coming to LACMA

Michael Juliano

LACMA is no stranger to popular, headline-grabbing exhibitions (see: James Turrell), but the Miracle Mile museum is entering a new territory of "Mona Lisa"-like mania with the arrival of "Rain Room."

According to the LA Times, the installation will open inside the Broad Contemporary building on November 1 and run through March 6. For those unfamiliar, the wet wonder from art collective Random International is quite literally a massive room filled with water raining from the ceiling—the twist being you stay dry while the room downpours around you. The timed exhibition (museum admission plus $15) will allow up to 22 people in the gallery space during 15-minute sessions, with up to seven people under the rain at the same time.

UPDATE: Timed-entry tickets will be available to the general public starting October 21; LACMA members (Individual and Dual) will be able to grab tickets on October 7, with an even earlier pre-sale for higher level memberships. LACMA would rather you not have to stand in line, so definitely have your credit card ready come October.

The exhibition follows initial stints at the Barbican in London and MoMA PS1 in New York, where it brought massive lines along with it (up to 13 hours according to our frenemies at Time Out New York). Can enduring a Comic-Con-like campout just to frolic in a rain storm without ever actually getting wet—surely there's some sort of LA-specific symbolism there—actually live up to the hype? Or more to the point, is the line worth it just for a kickass Instagram photo? We'll have to until November to decide. In the meantime, make sure to check out these beautiful photos of "Rain Room" in New York.

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