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Los Angeles Skyline
Courtesy: 阿奇/Flickr

Grab an extra blanket or a warm friend—tonight is expected to be the 'coldest night of the season so far'

Written by
Seth Kelley

When you're used to the temperature staying within about a 5-degree range, anything more extreme can start to feel like a personal attack.

After fanning ourselves through the hottest fall on record, learning about what we can do to combat the California drought and preparing for what could be a massive El Niño, now it's cold and we're all like...

Tuesday's lows dipped into the 20s and 30s in some parts of Southern California.

And tonight is supposed to be the "coldest night of the season so far," according to the National Weather Service.

The chilly temperatures are supposed to stick around until Thursday.

But Friday will be back to normal, and might even break the 70s! Not quite a beach day, but still...

Not so fast—the party's over on Saturday. A low-pressure system is rolling in, bringing more cold. Maybe even some rain.

Can we just go back to complaining that LA has one season? (70 and sunny)

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