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Hey, baby, there's a new dating app based on astrological signs

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Photograph: Courtesy of Align's Facebook Page "Hey baby, what's your sign?"

A new dating app that takes the question “what’s your sign?” to the next level launched this week in Los Angeles. More than just a cheesy pickup line, Align is based on astrology and will spare your thumbs the hot-or-not side effect of swiping left and right.

Co-founders of the app, Aliza Faragher and Helen Grossman (both Leos, as am I), began building Align ten months ago after some underwhelming experiences on a variety of dating platforms. So, using an “astrogorithm” (astrology + algorithm), the app bestows users with “Astrology 2.0” to connect you with matches suited for your sign. This isn’t your kooky aunt’s mystical magic, and the idea is to get a sense of your match’s energy and what a date with them might be like.

Align helps you understand yourself and how you can relate to all signs rather than limiting your matches to certain signs. For example, when I asked Faragher and Grossman which sign I should date they explained Leos can match with anyone, as long as they give us enough attention. (Hear that boys? Look at me!)

Here’s how it works...

1. Once you log in through Facebook, you input your birthday and the app logs your sign based on the date. It generates a list of traits and emojis and you get to select six that act as your bio. That’s right, you can identify with an emoji.

2. Next you set your preferences, before being presented with the constellation screen. Here, you’ll see yourself in the center, surrounded by potential matches whose astrological compatibility correlates with the size of their picture, which are also color coded to reflect their element—earth, wind, fire and water. You can see your matches’ traits, emojis and a compatibility description.

3. Once you’re aligned with someone you can choose to communicate in-app or wait until the “constellation refreshes” (i.e. you get new matches) the next day.

You can download it in the App Store, and and from there, watch the stars Align.

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