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I have this friend Dominic (31, gay)

I have this friend Dominic

Single readers, you're in luck. Each week, Time Out will feature one of our very own smart, sexy, eligible buddies for your potential dating pleasure. No crazies, no creeps, no pressure. Enjoy!

We're starting with our friends for now, but we're also taking recommendations. Do you have a single friend who's a total catch? Nominate them for I have this friend... at


Dominic was recommended by Sara Fay, our editor: "I have this friend, Dominic. One of the best things about him is that when we’re together, we talk about real stuff. He's so good at connecting with people, and on top of that, he's incredibly loyal, caring, fun, true to himself, so motivated and successful. He started his own business from scratch when he was 20, he has a popular podcast and if he sets a goal, he hits it (like a badass sub-4 hour marathon). I admire so much about him! Bottom line, he's a total catch."

 Here's Dominic, in his own words:

What LA stereotype do you kind of live up to? I recently saw a map of LA stereotypes by neighborhood. They called my neighborhood "Rapidly Gentrifying." I guess that's accurate. I love that the neighborhood is shining itself up. I kind of feel like I did that myself with my transformation over the past six or seven years.

What's your favorite neighborhood in LA? There's a pocket of WeHo right below Melrose with beautiful old Spanish style houses, awesome tree-lined streets and within walking distance to Urth Caffe, the PDC and the library. I'd love to live there.

Dive bar, cocktail bar or juice bar?  Dive bars. But pretty much only because of the shuffleboard and the karaoke.

What are three must-have items you'd stash in your earthquake kit (aside from the essentials)? Those little caramel-filled waffle cookies from Trader Joe's, coloring books and crayons, a stack of books that I've been wanting to read.

FYF, Burning Man or the LA Phil? Is it sad that I had to google FYF? LA Phil


Think you and Dominic might hit it off? Shoot him an email at (include a photo!) and let the sparks fly.

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If you've got a great single friend that should be featured here, send us an email at or nominate them below.