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I have this friend Jamie (29, straight)

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Single readers, you're in luck. Each week, Time Out will feature one of our very own smart, sexy, eligible buddies for your potential dating pleasure. No crazies, no creeps, no pressure. Enjoy!

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Jamie was recommended by her friend Eunice: "I have this friend, Jamie. It would be unfair for me to simply describe Jamie as one in a million. She's tall, gorgeous, intelligent, motivated and is one of the few people I know with a green thumb. We've done everything from hiking in Malibu at the crack of dawn, to walking a few miles through Skid Row in the middle of the night because we forgot where the car was parked. Jamie works harder than most people I know, but still has time to DIY her cute house and volunteer in an emergency room. Her infectious sense of humor has literally made me pee my pants before, and I swear it wasn't because we were day-drinking at the beach out of her cooler with built-in speakers. I can't wait for the day she meets a dashing young fellow who will be able to keep up with her, but also wind down with plenty of wine and Netflix."

Here's Jamie, in her own words:

What’s at the top of your LA bucket list? Going to the Hollywood Bowl. If I could see Neil Diamond there, life would be complete.

What's your favorite neighborhood? Los Feliz. It’s really charming and I love that it’s a great walking neighborhood. There is so much to do in such a small area. Plus I love how friendly everyone is.

Beach, mountains or desert? Definitely mountains. I love the smell, the trees, the birds, the bugs… I could go on forever.

What's your favorite bar in LA? Harlowe in West Hollywood is pretty great. It reminds me of NYC and they have old fashioneds on tap and they are off…the…chain!

What's the most overrated part about LA? Runyon Canyon. Parking is a nightmare. It’s overcrowded. And I feel like it’s implied to get dolled up to sweat up a mountain. Plus there’s dog crap everywhere.

What's your ideal first date? Going to an improv show at UCB and then dinner or drinks afterwards. A sense of humor is really important to me and it’s nice to start the date off laughing!

What fictional LA character would you most like to spend the day with? I would love to spend the day with Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills.


Think you and Jamie might hit it off? Shoot her an email at (include a photo!) and let the sparks fly.

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