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IKEA's new Burbank store will be the largest in the country

Written by
Brittany Martin

IKEA is replacing their Burbank location with a new store on February 8—and get ready, shoppers, because it’s going to be the biggest IKEA in the United States. The store covers 456,000 square feet, making it almost twice the size of the existing store.   

When the original Burbank IKEA opened back in 1990, it was the chain’s first store in California and only their sixth in the country. In recent years, it has been too small to display or stock IKEA’s full product range and customers have had to deal with a less-than-ideal parking lot located across the street from the store itself. Those inconveniences will be just memories when that location permanently closes on February 4.

"We cannot wait for customers to experience our new store’s ease of access, convenient parking and updated layout," Burbank store manager Jeff O’Shaughnessy told the L.A. Times.

The new store, at 805 S San Fernando Boulevard, will really let you feel like you’re walking through one of those inch-thick IKEA catalogs with every single product on display and stocked in the on-site warehouse. Do you need to furnish your home with a Brusali, Askvoll, Svärtan or Malm? Well, once you figure out what they are, you’ll find them all in this store.

In addition to expanded showroom and inventory space, there will be a 600-seat dining area (helloooo Swedish meatballs) and a larger children’s play area, all served by a 1,700-car parking structure. Pretty much the only thing we haven’t heard about is a classroom where they actually teach us how to build IKEA furniture, but maybe they’ll find room for that in the next remodel.


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