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Imagine the future of LA transit with this GIF

Written by
Brittany Martin

In the event that you’re still on the fence about how you’ll vote on the November ballot referendum to expand Metro, one local designer has simplified the question down to the most universal language, the GIF. 

This single compelling image swaps back and forth between how the transit system looks right now and what it could look like if the agency is allowed to move forward with their grand plans, as Curbed LA reports. It demonstrates the major—and very colorful, we must add—expansions the system would undergo between now and 2057.

All this build-out would be funded by sales tax revenue, should voters approve Measure M. The measure would authorize a half-cent raise in sales tax to generate at least $120 billion for Metro and other transit infrastructure projects including buses, light rail, road and highway upgrades. No details on how much of the money would be spent on designing colorful new maps once stations come online, but since it seems like area artists (like the GIF’s creator, Adam Linder) are willing to do it, maybe the city can outsource that bit pro bono.  

You might not want to invest heavily in property along the new routes (which are anticipating a jump in value once it’s transit-friendly) just yet, though. In addition to needing to pass the ballot measure—and getting citizens to opt for additional taxes, which, no matter where the funds are going, can certainly be an uphill battle for any campaign—there are also seven cities in southern Los Angeles County who are petitioning to have the measure changed before it even reaches voters. Those South Bay and Gateway City areas are claiming that the language is deceptive because it doesn’t include information about when each project will be completed.

Image: Courtesy Adam Linder

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