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Photograph: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/CC

L.A.'s City Council just passed an official anti-Trump resolution

Brittany Martin

The L.A. City Council has taken a public stand against Donald Trump. In the unanimous vote this week, all 12 members of the Council voted to cut any business ties between the city of Los Angeles and the assorted Trump-owned enterprises.

If they even have any, that is, which it doesn’t appear that they do—and a full report on if they do and how the divestment would work probably won’t be in until about 47 days after the Presidential election.

While essentially a symbolic move unlikely to really do much to hurt Trump’s bottom line, it certainly sends a message about how L.A.’s city officials feel about the presidential candidate. The official resolution doesn’t go into explicit detail about what triggered the action, but we can take some guesses.   

“It’s important that the city of Los Angeles take a stand against anyone who incites hate, discrimination and intolerance,” Councilman Gil Cedillo told My News L.A. “It is our responsibility to take a stand and make a statement.”

Councilmember Cedillo, representing the 1st District and many of the diverse neighborhoods of northeastern L.A., first put the anti-Trump resolution into motion back in January. It took serval months to make it through committee reviews before getting to the final hearing. No word from the Trump campaign just yet as to if they accept the results of the Council’s vote.

Between this resolution passing and having his Walk of Fame star smashed, Los Angeles seems to be expressing some pretty strong feelings toward Donald Trump this week. Just a few more days until the campaign is over, guys. 

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